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Not all make-up brushes are the same
Larissa Bernasconi
04. July 2022

I used to do my make-up using my hands because I just couldn't find a brush that really suited me. Some of them had hairs that fell out and got on my face. Some were too fine, too stiff, smelled insanely chemical or had bristles made of animal hair. Maybe I was and am just very picky, but that's the way it was.

Alpine - for a carefree holiday
Veronica Parente
24. June 2022

Travel, sun, freedom, finally some normality again! What could be better than that? Discovering foreign cultures, meeting new people and enjoying the beauty of our earth.

Interview with Fides Baldesberger in the «Wirtschaftsforum»
20. June 2022

Make-up artists from all over the world have been enthusiastic about the products of Outils Rubis SA for decades.

Trends Spring/Summer 2022
25 april 2022

The flowers are blooming, the birds are returning from their southern winter quarters and singing the most beautiful nature melodies, the forest is turning green - in short: spring is here! Here are the new trend colors to match the new season.

Ultimate manicure in minutes!
Larissa Bernasconi
21 march 2022

Every Sunday evening I sit down to paint and file my nails for the week ahead. Sometimes I just don't have time and go to work with worn nail polish. It doesn't look nice and it doesn't look professional on a spontaneous appointment. Then there's the nasty smell of the nail polish and the long wait. With my bad luck, I smudge everything and can start all over again. I could just stop, it's obvious, but I like my nails neat and colourful best. Do you know the struggle?

Reusable make-up removal pads
Larissa Bernasconi
07 february 2022

Reusable make-up removal pads - the sustainable version of conventional disposable make-up removal pads.