5. July 2023

Facial cleansing 100% natural? I'll show you!

Do you know this - you try to get your skin under control, no more blackheads, no more pimples and no other annoying spots but nothing helps? On the contrary, some products only make it worse or even burn when applied? That's anything but great, and of course it doesn't have to be. Many facial cleansing products contain ingredients that are not good for the skin or dry it out. Unfortunately, this does not help to keep the skin healthy and beautiful in the long term. With Endro Cosmétiques, I have discovered a cleansing routine that really helps.

Angela Capobianco
Product Manager

Endro Cosmétiques makes products that are 100% natural and uses ingredients that are proven to work. If you also want to get rid of the worries around your face, I recommend you to read on. 

The gentle facial cleanser in flower shape

The first step of Endro Cosmétiques' facial cleansing routine is in the form of a solid care. It contains noni fruit and green clay, both of which help regulate sebum production and refine pores. This mattifies your skin and also refines its texture. It is also important to know that the product is close to the skin's own PH value. This is important because otherwise the skin's balance is disturbed, which can cause discomfort. Even if you have very sensitive skin, you can use Endro Cosmétiques cleanser without any problems.

Personally, I use the flower every evening when I shower. This way, the face is already somewhat cleansed and ready for effective cleansing. The flower shape makes the product very comfortable to use, you can even massage your face with it! It also leaves a clean and pleasant feeling on the skin. Thanks to the noni fruit, the flower, and of course your face, smell incredibly fresh and flowery.


The purifying mask

The second step is the purifying face mask. It contains the same main active ingredients as the facial cleanser but in a higher concentration, which is why the mask should only be used 1x per week. The mask supports step one in regulating sebum production and reducing impurities.

Every Sunday, I use the mask to give my face a good pampering. I apply a thick layer of the mask to my face and leave it on for 5 minutes. Sometimes I feel a slight tingling sensation. This means that the active ingredients are "fighting" against the impurities. Then I wash my face off with warm water and I'm done.

Did you know that clay masks must not dry out on the skin? Because clay is a "living" ingredient and if it dries out on the skin, the skin dries out too. Therefore, you should not leave the mask on for more than 5 minutes.


The anti-imperfection Serum

The last step is a very effective serum that consists of only 4 (!!!) ingredients. It neutralises impurities and helps against acne, pimples, blackheads and even scars. The hazelnut oil contained in the serum has an antibacterial and firming effect. It also promotes the elimination of impurities, regulates sebum production and promotes healing. Palmarosa and tea tree help to cleanse and purify the skin.

I have very patchy skin due to redness (couperose) and dark scars from previous mosquito bites, so I have tried a few things - unfortunately without success. But the Endro Cosmétiques serum really works! Pimples (even scratched ones) disappear much faster, the redness is no longer quite so red, and my dark scars are also slowly getting lighter. At first I was very skeptical because the serum contains oils and I didn't want my face to explode and become, well, even greasier. But it didn't. As soon as the serum is absorbed, you no longer have an oily feeling on your skin, but a super smelling and pleasant feeling face.


Simply apply the serum to the affected areas and massage in a little. It is best to use the serum in the evening, as this is when the pores open. It also protects your skin from the sensitivity that can be caused by the influence of the sun in combination with the essential oils contained in the serum.


The best thing is to try the products yourself and let yourself be surprised!

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Angela Capobianco
Product Manager

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