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22 January 2024

Why a tongue scraper pays off

Nowadays the focus of oral hygiene lies on cleaning the teeth, but regularly cleaning the tongue is worth it as well. Though what exactly is tongue cleaning good for and what is the best way to clean the tongue? 

Tongue-cleaning can become an addition to your daily routine with the right tongue scraper. Basically, a tongue scraper is there to remove all kinds of deposits on the tongue. Various benefits can be achieved by removing such deposits.

For one, bacteria and food residue on the tongue are a common cause for bad breath. If you remove those, your mouth will immediately feel much fresher and cleaner. Toxins that have accumulated in the mouth overnight can also be easily removed with a tongue scraper. According to Ayurveda, removing such toxins can also improve the perception of taste, as they do not affect the receptors in our mouth.

Another advantage of a tongue scraper is that it is easy and efficient to use. To clean your tongue properly, hold the ends of the tongue scraper with both hands and gently press from the back of the tongue to the tip of the tongue about five to seven times. Afterwards, it is important to rinse both the mouth and the tongue cleaner thoroughly.

If you’re already convinced about the concept of tongue cleansing, you might be asking yourself whether it’s even necessary to buy a tongue scraper and whether your toothbrush won’t do the job just as well.

We can give you the following advice - The bristles of a toothbrush are designed to clean hard tooth enamel, not the soft surface of a tongue. Therefore, toothbrushes are much less effective at removing volatile sulphur compounds from the tongue than a tongue scraper. The toothbrush is therefore not an option.


Why the Arista ayurvedic copper tongue scraper?

Even though the concept of tongue cleansing is still relatively new in Europe, there are many different types of tongue scrapers, so what exactly are the advantages of the Arista copper tongue scraper?

Firstly, the copper tongue scraper is much more environmentally friendly than plastic ones. In addition, copper has a natural antibacterial effect, which is why a copper tongue scraper is always cleaner than other tongue scrapers. The special thing about this tongue scraper from Arista is that it comes with a pretty and practical cotton pouch. This means that the tongue scraper is always well and hygienically stowed away when travelling.

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It should not be forgotten that a copper model has a much longer service life than plastic models. With proper care, an Ayurvedic tongue scraper made of copper can even last for many years. However, it is important to note that oxidation occurs when copper is exposed to water, which can discolour your tongue scraper. This discolouration is completely natural and does not affect the effectiveness of the product or the antibacterial properties of the copper. However, if such discolouration bothers you, you can restore your tongue scraper to its original colour by following a few simple steps. You can find the instructions for this and other tips and information in the Arista tongue scraper manual. You can easily access the manual by scanning the QR code on the packaging of your Arista tongue scraper.

As you can see, the ayurvedic copper tongue scraper from Arista offers many advantages. It's best to try the product yourself and see for yourself!

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