Unsere Partner

“A success story involving strong partners that has been ongoing for over 30 years: when you’ve got professionals working together, the foundations for success are secure – as is the case with Herba and Nippes. With us, professionalism meets quality when we get good products to the POS thanks to a strong sales operation.”

Markus Nippes, Owner and CEO of Nippes


“We’ve been collaborating with Herba-Collection in a spirit of trust for nearly 15 years now. Any good partnership will have its ups and downs, and overcoming these challenges together is the key to success. Thank you very much – here’s to the next 15 years of working together shoulder to shoulder!”

Patrick Hager, CEO of Hager & Werken/miradent


“We’ve been working with Herba-Collection for ten years now and are very happy with the results. We also appreciate the proactive way they’ve been developing our Alpine brand further on the Swiss market.”

Robin Nelissen, Sales Manager Alpine


“We enjoy an extremely good, constructive, dependable and, above all, very pleasant working relationship with Herba-Collection. We greatly value our cooperation with the efficient and highly motivated team just as much as we do with their highly skilled, solution-focused CEO.”

Fides Baldesberger, CEO of Outils Rubis SA.