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11. November 2021

Look younger instantly - eye mask for a fresh look

Oh no! The tiredness and exhaustion is making itself visible?

Angela Capobianco     product management    
You're tired and exhausted and not even your best concealer can hide those bags under your eyes? Not for much longer. We have THE eye mask for you!
With the Hot & Cold eye mask from body & spa, you can get rid of your unwanted bags under the eyes and the dark circles. As the name says, you can chill the mask and then place it on your face and eyes. Thanks to the fluffy underside, the mask feels very good despite the cold. You should lie down and relax so that not only your tired eyes can recover, but also yourself.
Half an hour of rest is enough to make you feel fit again! With the eye mask you can even send your concealer on holiday, because you don't need it anymore. Go through the day with a fresh face and bright eyes. Dazzle the world around you, because you're amazing!
Beauty Accessoires, Eye mask
Angela Capobianco     product management
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