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Alpine - for a carefree holiday

Veronica Parente     24. Juni 2022
Travel, sun, freedom, finally some normality again!
What could be better than that? Discovering foreign cultures, meeting new people and enjoying the beauty of our earth.

Interview with Fides Baldesberger in the "Wirtschaftsforum"

RUBIS     20. Juni 2022

Trends Spring/Summer 2022

Larissa Bernasconi     25. April 2022
The flowers are blooming, the birds are returning from their southern winter quarters and singing the most beautiful nature melodies, the forest is turning green - in short: spring is here! Here are the new trend colors to match the new season

Ultimate manicure in minutes!

Angela Capobianco     21. März 2022
ImPress Nails Kits - ultimate manicure in minutes!

Reusable make-up removal pads

Angela Capobianco     07. Februar 2022
Reusable make-up removal pads - the sustainable version of conventional disposable make-up removal pads.

Stubborn hair and no brush helps?

Angela Capobianco     20. Dezember 2021
Stubborn hair and no brush helps?

Look younger instantly - eye mask for a fresh look

Angela Capobianco     11. November 2021
Oh no! The tiredness and exhaustion is making itself visible?

Trends Fall/Winter 2021/2022

Larissa Bernasconi     07. Oktober 2021
Just in time for the new season, the color-carousel has turned again and brings a breath of fresh air. Autumn blues? No way! The current color trends put us in a festive mood and really let it rip in terms of color!

Hair accessories and Christmas season!

Angela Capobianco     04. Oktober 2021
Hair accessories are once again a big part of an outfit thanks to the scrunchie that has come back into trend. Whether on the wrist or in the hair, these colored fabric rings are a real eye-catchers. With invisibobble® every kind of hair accessories is a trendsetter and is worth to be shown!

Faires und ehrliches Handeln

Claudia Oehy     09. Juli 2021
Herba-Collection ist amfori-Mitglied

Trends 2021

Larissa Bernasconi     17. Mai 2021
We all know them, and we all need them – hair ties, clips, pins and so on. But in boring old brown and black? Not if you’re with us!

A pedicure worthy of any professional

NIPPES SOLINGEN     03. Mai 2021
Use these 5 tips to produce the perfect pedicure – as done by a professional.

Brow lifting – how to tackle the current eyebrow fashion

RUBIS     15. April 2021
“Brow lifting” is the name used to describe the latest trend in eyebrows, which promises to produce striking brows that last for weeks. But what does the name actually mean? We’ve gathered the most important details together to help you out.

Stop that snoring! 10 tips

ALPINE     09. April 2021
We’ve gathered together the best tips and tricks to combat snoring, just for you – and we provide a tenth bonus tip for the specific benefit of snorers’ partners!

Body & Spa Bath Brush

Claudia Oehy     12. März 2021
Well-being meets sustainability: The new Body & Spa Bath Brush – 100% natural, 100% FSC-certified wood plus 100% new energy and great skin.
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