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We offer a variety of different branded products to create the perfect skin care regime. High-quality ingredients guarantee the best possible results.
We can provide you with the best products for skin care, oral hygiene and beard care.

Our brands


Miradent – from practical experience for practical application. Professional products for preventive care, developed and optimised by dentists.


Enzborn stands for provably effective skin care, developed and manufactured with precise attention by the fourth generation of this company.


Rohde’s Hirschtalgcreme (deer tallow cream) is a soothing and nourishing skin cream with no artificial additives. Hirschtalgcreme is a pure, natural product, and is also suitable for people who suffer from allergies or diabetes.

A pedicure worthy of any professional

NIPPES SOLINGEN     03. Mai 2021
Use these 5 tips to produce the perfect pedicure – as done by a professional.

Brow lifting – how to tackle the current eyebrow fashion

RUBIS     15. April 2021
“Brow lifting” is the name used to describe the latest trend in eyebrows, which promises to produce striking brows that last for weeks. But what does the name actually mean? We’ve gathered the most important details together to help you out.
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