Own brands

Health and Beauty is our passion

The Herba, Body & Spa and Beauty Fashion brands stand for high-quality, useful products in the body care sector. Every item is tested by experts and may then undergo even more development. You too can discover our practical, fashionable products.


We use the traditional Herba brand to sell our ranges of products in beauty, cosmetic accessories, hair decoration and costume jewellery, body care, bathroom accessories and steel goods (manicure and pedicure items). Herba stands for reliability, as well as high-quality product ranges that are sold through specialist retailers only.

Body & Spa

The Body & Spa brand combines body care and wellness within a single range. These items are based on high-quality materials, produced in environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Their appealing designs and fresh colours make them a pleasure to use.

Beauty Fashion

Beauty Fashion stands for innovative, fashionable groups of products in cosmetics and body care accessories. The brand for people who are fashion conscious and know a thing or two about beauty..
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