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Trends Fall/Winter 2021/2022

Larissa Bernasconi     07. Oktober 2021
Just in time for the new season, the color-carousel has turned again and brings a breath of fresh air. Autumn blues? No way! The current color trends put us in a festive mood and really let it rip in terms of color!

Hair accessories and Christmas season!

Angela Capobianco     04. Oktober 2021
Hair accessories are once again a big part of an outfit thanks to the scrunchie that has come back into trend. Whether on the wrist or in the hair, these colored fabric rings are a real eye-catchers. With invisibobble® every kind of hair accessories is a trendsetter and is worth to be shown!

New products

Miradent Xylipop Lollipop Strawberry

The dental care Lolipops not only taste fruity and refreshing, but also contribute to dental health. They are sweetened with xylitol, which is known for its caries-preventing properties. In addition, the Xylipop contains calcium lactate, which promotes the strengthening of tooth enamel.

Alpine Muffy Kids ear protectors

Protect against loud noises and improve concentration! Alpine Muffy ear protectors were designed specifically for children’s ears and are suitable for use in a variety of different situations, e.g. at parties, parades, firework displays and concerts. They are also perfect for use when children are learning or reading.

SOS Dental Rescue Box

Miradent SOS Dental Rescue Box
This product can be used to rescue and re-implant knocked-out teeth or tooth fragments. The special nutrient solution keeps tooth cells alive so that the dentist can re-implant them later.

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