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Stubborn hair and no brush helps?

Angela Capobianco     20. Dezember 2021
Stubborn hair and no brush helps?

Look younger instantly - eye mask for a fresh look

Angela Capobianco     11. November 2021
Oh no! The tiredness and exhaustion is making itself visible?

New products

Alpine hearing protection plugs in a new look

We are pleased to present the high-quality Alpine hearing protection plugs in a new look. The right product for every need.

Herba Bamboo Cleaning Pads with Wash Bag

The reusable, sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo cleansing pads are characterised by their soft texture and are ideal for gently removing impurities and make-up residues from the face. They are made of bamboo fibres, have two layers and a diameter of 9.5 cm.

Mirafluor Kids Toothpaste, 75ml

Mirafluor Kids toothpaste has been specially developed for optimal protection of milk teeth against caries. The fruity raspberry flavour makes brushing teeth really fun.

Herba make-up brush set - 5 pieces, blue

Compact and high-quality make-up brush set in trendy colour.

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